Wasp Control

Wasp and hornet Control in London

Wasp and hornet Control

Have you come across a hornet's nest in your property? Contact our professional team in London who specialises in the eradication of wasp and hornet nests. we will have more appropriate solutions to eliminate these insects.

Wasp Removers at your service

Eliminating your wasp problem as quickly as possible so that you can get back to your normal life is the objective of Mouse London Control 24/7. Our experts will establish a suitable and effective intervention plan. We will pay particular attention to the safety of your family members and your pets, if you have any.

What does a hornet’s nest or a wasp’s nest look like?

A hornet's or wasp's nest can look almost the same, spherical in shape, they are small at first but can grow rapidly in size and can become the size of basketball when complete.

Can I destroy a hornet's nest myself?

Eliminating a nest yourself is a huge risk: there is no point in burning the nest, hitting it or flooding it with water. These methods are useless for eradicating an infestation, but they increase your chances of being attacked and stung by hornets or wasps.

To protect yourself and your family, it is important to use a pest removal company such as Mouse London Control 24/7 to ensure that the destruction of the nest is effective, safe and fast. Our technicians have the necessary equipment to avoid any risk of stings when searching for and dealing with nests. They are experienced in doing a good job and are able to examine, apprehend and safely treat nests, even in small spaces such as attics and basements.

Our technicians receive continuous training in order to work with modern equipment and environmentally friendly products. In addition, they know their job inside out and how to react in the event of a problem.

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