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Spider Control in London

At home, spiders can cause panic. In a company, they will damage your reputation. How do you get rid of them?

Why take a spider problem seriously?

In the autumn, spiders move into people' s houses and buildings to find a warm place to spend the winter. Most of these insects are not dangerous to humans. The problem is that some people are frightened by them.

The phobia of these insects is called 'arachnophobia'. This excessive fear is dangerous for the individual because it can lead to overreactions. The risk is high when the encounter with these pests takes place in particular places (attics, cellars, etc.). In fact, it can cause the arachnophobe to jump and thus seriously hit his or her head. The risk of falling is also very real if the encounter takes place on a flight of stairs.

For businesses, it is the weaver insects that often pose a problem. They are active at night and remain hidden during the day. Regular cleaning only removes the webs but not the insects. And after just a few days without maintenance, these webs will invade your company. This can damage your company's image.

Whether you are an individual or a professional, don't let these insects have a negative impact on your life. Choose a treatment against them to preserve your property or other buildings.

Spider Removers at your service

Eliminating your spider problem as quickly as possible so that you can get back to your normal life is the objective of Mouse London Control 24/7. Our experts will establish a suitable and effective intervention plan. We will pay particular attention to the safety of your family members and your pets, if you have any.

Find out how to eradicate spiders

First of all, you should know that there are four types of spiders in residential homes. There are :

  • The wolf spider, which is characterised by its size. It is often confused with tarantulas.
  • The cellar spider which vibrates its web if it feels threatened.
  • The house spider, which is most often found in a house.
  • The sac spider which is often the cause of bites.

To prevent them from nesting, keep your house clean. Make a habit of vacuuming and removing their webs. Avoid piling up litter or wood near your home. These piles are a potential shelter. You should also seal the gaps under any doorways. These serve as an entry point for them.

Alternatively, the intervention of a company specialising in pest control such as Mouse London Control 24/7 is also an effective solution. We will get rid of the pests in no time.

The advantages of calling in an expert to combat spiders

The main advantage of the company Mouse London Control 24/7 is the speed with which it carries out its work. The intervention our experts, which specialise in pest control, is especially beneficial if you suffer from arachnophobia. It spares you any contact with insects, whatever their species.

Furthermore, we have technicians who are trained and experienced in this type of treatment. They know the habits of each pest species. This allows them to develop an effective pest control programme for your household or business premises, the exterminators at Mouse London Control 24/7 can treat the proliferation of spiders both indoors and outdoors.

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