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Moth control in London

Are moths ruining your daily life? Get help from our pest control company to combat flour and clothes moths.
Moths, regardless of species, are not a health hazard. However, they can make life difficult for you by damaging your clothes, carpets, leather, etc. As for flour moths, they have a preference for your food reserves. Either way, contact Mouse London Control 24/7.

Why get rid of moths?

Moths are harmful insects. Tineola bisselliella or common clothes moths voraciously attack textile fibres. More specifically, it is their larvae that bore holes in your clothes, carpets, curtains, etc. These larvae feed on the textile fibres and also use them to form a cocoon.

The flour moth, ephestia kuehniella, bears a close resemblance to the clothes moth. As an adult it is about 8 mm long and has yellowish wings. The larvae are about 10 mm long and feed on different kinds of food. They have a fondness for flour, but do not hesitate to attack cereals, pasta, rice, etc. These moths are therefore a real threat to your food stocks.

If you have flour or clothes moths, you should deal with them as soon as possible. Otherwise, you risk having bigger problems: an aggravated moth infestation.

Moth Removers at your service

Eliminating your moth problem as quickly as possible so that you can get back to your normal life is the objective of Mouse London Control 24/7. Our experts will establish a suitable and effective intervention plan. We will pay particular attention to the safety of your family members and your pets, if you have any.

How to deal with a moth problem?

For a minor invasion, a moth repellent such as an aerosol spray can help you control flour moths. Be careful, you must empty the kitchen cupboards completely before using the product. Leave it on for half an hour and remember to air the room well for 2 hours. There are also repellents and traps for flour moths.

These solutions are also available for clothes moths. You can find moth repellents with a 100% natural scent in shops. The moth and larva repellent fanfold strips have also proved their worth. Their method of use is very simple. Simply place sheets of paper between your clothes to trap the moths.

Another solution is a repellent based on neem oil. Alternatively, insecticide sprays for crawling insects such as ants are also effective on moths and their larvae.

Please note that these solutions are recommended for a minor invasion. You will have to turn to a pest control company such as Mouse London Control 24/7 to treat a larger number of moths. We will be able to offer you the appropriate moth control solutions.

Identifying a moth infestation

Moths coming out of your cupboards unexpectedly may indicate an invasion. Typically, they attack boxes of flour and biscuits or cereals. Flour moths can also take advantage of an open window to invade your cupboards. The egg-laying season for these moths starts again between July and August.

Clothes moths are indicated by holes in textile fibres such as clothing or furs. Regardless of the type of moth you are dealing with, the invasion must be treated as soon as possible. Expert help is needed to effectively combat moths.

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