How To Keep Mice At Bay?

If you have a typical UK home, odds are that you’ve had a problem with mice a couple of times. It’s simply part of living in a British house. If you are finding that this is a bad year for mice, and you are looking for ways to deal with them, here are some things to keep in mind.

To keep mice out of your home, you have to deal with them from the outside-in
This is very true with pests like mice. They can easily get into your home, so once they’re in, you can assume they’re here to stay. You should put mice traps around the place to keep them at bay, but if you see just one mouse running around, you are going to have to make sure you patch up any holes/other entry points into your home in order to deal with a mouse infestation problem.

Mice will communicate with each other about traps and bait
If you have traps set and you find that mice are getting the bait without getting caught, this is because they will communicate to each other about it and teach each other how to get the bait without getting caught. Yes, they are truly sneaky creatures and terrible for that reason.

Choose the best baits for the job

When you’re ready to deal with the mice in your home, make sure you pick the best baits for the job. The most effective ones tend to be peanut butter, wet cat food, chocolate, or seeds. If you can, combine a couple of these in the same trap, and you’ll find that the mouse simply can’t resist the temptation, and will be caught more often than not.

Check your weather stripping

Make sure you check the weather stripping on your doors, windows, etc. Mice have some annoying habits, for example, they can get in a really tiny hole, and will make their way into your home extremely fast. Once they’re in, it’s much harder to get them out. So, do your part and make sure you’ve patched all the holes to keep pests on the outside of your home.

Mice and other pests are in your home looking for food and shelter, so keep them outside of your home by making sure you keep your kitchen, and particularly your food preparation areas, clean. Doing this will enable you to stay relatively pest free, and you will also enjoy a cleaner and healthier home for yourself as well as your loved ones. These tips should help you get started.

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