Bed Bugs Control

Bed Bugs Control in London

Bed bugs, or bed fleas, feed on human blood. Preferring to operate at night, they hide in bedroom furniture and mattresses where they are likely to find a blood meal.

Sensitivity to bedbug bites varies from person to person, and children can have particularly severe reactions. To date, bedbugs do not spread disease. However, they are known to cause serious sleep disorders and psychosis. They can also cause anemia and chronic blood loss.

Emptying and cleaning your luggage after every trip is essential. Your bathroom is the ideal place for this. You will be able to see the insects falling on the floor more easily and act before they colonise your home. The best way to control bedbugs is to prevent them from entering your house or hotel.

Although they do not transmit disease, bedbug bites can trigger strong allergic reactions. In addition to the itching, people who have been severely bitten may develop sleep disorders and paranoia.

Bed Bugs Removers at your service

Eliminating your beg bugs problem as quickly as possible so that you can get back to your normal life is the objective of Mouse London Control 24/7. Our experts will establish a suitable and effective intervention plan. We will pay particular attention to the safety of your family members and your pets, if you have any.

How to detect the presence of bedbugs? Where do they hide most?

Have you noticed several bites on your body or have you seen a bedbug in your furniture? If so, then a thorough inspection should be carried out, starting with the bedroom and sofa. Because of their small size, bedbugs can hide in the smallest corners of a bed or any piece of furniture.
They can mainly be found in mattresses, slats or pillows. Bedbugs can also be found in bed clothes and bed linens, in skirting boards or in the foot of the bed.
Also, because they shy away from light, they are difficult to spot at the beginning of an infestation because there are so few of them. However, they are easier to see if you have white sheets. This is because bed bugs leave dark red droppings that indicate their presence.

How to kill bedbugs?

In order to eradicate a bed bug infestation, the best treatments preferred by professionals are:

  • Thermal treatment: Bedbugs die below -22°C for 48 hours. The technique of putting sheets in a freezer therefore works quite well. On the other hand, bed bugs do not tolerate temperatures above 65°C. Washing in a washing machine can therefore be another solution for getting rid of pests on bed linen. For mattresses or slats, you should use a steam cleaner that can be heated up to 120°C.
  • Chemical treatment: Over time, bed bugs have become resistant to most commercially available chemicals, making them completely ineffective. To be sure of eradicating the bedbug problem, you can call on Mouse London Control 24/7, our experts use specialised professional products to carry out the extermination process.
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